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     Andrea J. Moses 

Andrea J. Moses , M.S.W, is a Toronto-based career and life coach with over 30 years of experience helping people perform at their highest potential.

Andrea is the author of 6 business and personal development books including
Street Smart Selling - Inside  Power - Big-Time Change - Choices and her latest book,Transform Your Life Now. 

Andrea developed
The Gets Results Resumes in the process of guiding her clients to advance in their careers. Applying this unique format to a full range of professions,  Andrea has developed a resume template which works in wonderful ways for every type of profession and career. The Gets Results Resumes work as effectively for senior managers as it does for front-line positions. 


Resumes Toronto Can Create A Gets Results Resume For YOU

The job you want, along with your desired salary won't come to you. Rather, you must position yourself to be seen as the best candidate. Gets Results Resumes and Gets Results Interview Coaching has produced amazing results in a wide range of industries. I encourage you to fast-track your career success by creating your own Gets Results Resume and taking advantage of Gets Results Interview Coaching to move your career forward as quickly as possible.

What results can YOU expect?

Recently, based on one telephone resume creation and coaching session, a client succeeded in impressing her soon-to-be employer to such an extent that she ended up being promoted to a higher position with a higher salary right right in the job interview.

How did this happen? Between the request for an interview based on the client's original resume, and the actual job interview, the client contacted me. Together, we transformed her resume which was reasonably impressive into a powerhouse resume which incorporated her accomplishments, cost savings, and the large number of staff she was responsbile for.

The transformed resume was so impressive, along with the way she responded to the interview questions, she was immediately seen as the #1 choice, and was offered a position with more responsibility and a higher salary. 

Another recent client had the unhappy experience of being told that her services were no longer required after she had just completed a stellar year of results and performance as a marketing brand manager. Fortunately, her company gave her a package which included resume creation and interview coaching services. 

This client needed a new position fast... she was a single parent going through a divorce, had just bought a new home, and needed the steady income to pay the mortgage. Within 7 weeks, she got hired as a product manager with a slightly higher salary structure.  

I am constantly amazed at the dramatic changes that take place using the The Gets Results Resume format.  Within 1 -3 sessions, you can transform your career potential and the way you view your expertise and your life.

I look foward to helping you achieve powerful changes in your career. Call or email to arrange for a free 20 Minute Gets Results Resume Phone Consultation.

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