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IMAGINE... Being Hired In The Job You Want + A Salary Increase of $10,000 - $40,000

oronto Gets Results Resumes will position you to get hired in the job you want, and enable you to successfully negotiate a significantly higher salary. 

Based on over 30 years of experience in the fields of personal development, career and life coaching, Andrea J. Moses brings you the expertise and guidance to repackage your career for outstanding results.

The key to securing your dream job and making a lot more money is to have a powerful resume which wins interviews. If your resume is not chosen amongst the hundreds of resumes which most recruiters and HR departments receive for any one job posting, your skills and abilities will be lost.

The current reality is that most resumes must be submitted online. Because of the number of applicants, the opportunity to make a personal connection with a key player on the job search team is not usually an option. This is why your resume must be outstanding. This means that all your extensive expertise, education, and knowledge has to be revealed on one or two sheets of paper - the length of the standard resume.

The great news is, Resumes Toronto has created Gets Results Resumes which consistently gets results... Interviews, Interviews, Interviews leading to YOU being chosen for the job you want, plus YOU having the ability to negotiate a much higher salary!

Gets Results Resumes + A Salary Increase $$$ 

Resumes Toronto successfully transforms resumes which have previously been passed over for interviews into ones which are chosen from upward of 200 competitive resumes.  Check out our Testimonial Page by Clicking Here

 Gets Results Resumes 

Get results you can count on with this combination of state-of-the-art formatting with content that sells. In the course of 2 sessions, together we will identify and quantify your key accomplishments, and package them in the most impactful way possible so that potential employers will be eager to interview you, and choose you as the winning candidate.

One of the secrets you will learn in working with Andrea is the importance of quantifying the results you have produced on the job. Whatever you have been responsible for - managing people, managing direct reports,  increasing sales, giving presentations, prospecting for new clients, increasing revenue, increasing net worth, writing reports, writing proposals, mentoring colleagues, managing a large budget, saving money, cutting costs  - you must record the relevant numbers on your resume. Quantified results will make your resume stand out from hundreds of competitive resumes. And, it will transform the way you view yourself as you come to realize your true value and the contributions you have made to the companies you have worked for in the course of your career. 

 Gets Results Cover Letter 

Your cover letter provides the opportunity to highlight your resume. At Resumes Toronto, we have created a cover letter which serves as a marketing tool which allows you to highlight your greatest strengths, thus ensuring that you are chosen for the interview. 

 Gets Results Interview Coaching 
A great cover letter and powerful resume will get you the interview. But unless your answers reflect your strengths and abilities, you won't be chosen for the job. The bottom line is, you must walk your talk. You must put a voice to your written words. Gets Results Interview Coaching is a recommended option for creating the perfect answers to the interview questions.

Human Resources personnel and recruiters have clear expectations of what they want to hear. In most interviews, you will have only a short amount of time to impress the hiring team with responses which reflect your confidence and expertise. Unless you clearly project your greatest strengths when answering the questions, you won't become the chosen candidate.
With Gets Results Interview Coaching, you will enhance your ability to be seen as the #1 candidate. Your ability to negotiate a higher salary will result from the hiring team recognizing the financial gains which will result from hiring YOU. For more information on The Gets Results Interview Coaching
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